TrakOnline™ Technology

TrakOnline™ is based on satellite global positioning system (GPS) technology.

GPS is a satellite navigation and positioning system utilising more than 20 satellites orbiting the earth, which transmit time and position data to GPS receivers. The sophisticated in-vehicle unit offered by TrakOnline™ captures this time and position data as well as other information in relation to Plant & Equipment activity and diagnostics.
The unit transfers this information to the TrakOnline™ Monitoring Centre via the digital mobile telephone network (GSM), which provides coverage for up to 92%* of the Australian population. This is the great advantage of the TrakOnline™ system. Unlike radio-based systems which are more restricted in terms of their coverage area, TrakOnline™ can track your Plant & Equipment anywhere in Australia within GSM communications range.

* National Motor Vehicle Theft and Reduction Council, 2002