Are your staff where they say they are?
Are your fleet vehicles being used to full capacity?

Costing approx. $3/day per vehicle over a 3 year lease plan.
Note: costing may change due to interest rates varying, this figure is an approximate.

Trakonline specialize in a GPS Vehicle Tracking System, designed to save you money on your vehicle expenditure.

It will reduce fuel, wage, and overtime costs, as well as communication costs and insurance premiums.

It's a web-based system and is extremely user-friendly so you don't have to be an IT expert to use it! As a Trakonline customer, you are simply given a username and password for our website, and you can log in 24/7 from anywhere in the world! The online software includes the reporting facility and mapping to visualize the vehicles' daily activities.

We provide a small Unit, which is fitted into each vehicle; this unit stores the vehicles activities throughout the day giving you all the information you need without any driver intervention.

It will record every start, stop and movement of the vehicle allowing you to monitor speed, street locations, distance traveled, date, and time. This will tell you exactly what time they start in the morning & finish their day, late and early arrivals at clients and the time spent with each client, idling, unscheduled stops and even if the vehicle is due for a service.

System Features :

  • Operates from any PC connected to the internet
  • User name and password protected
  • Multiple users in multiple locations can see the position of a vehicle
  • Operates with GPRS, GSM and Satellite based tracking units
  • Display data such as ignition status, vehicle location, time, speed and direction
  • Tracks service and maintenance intervals

Tracking Features :

  • View all vehicle positions on a map
  • Zoom in and out of map based data

Reporting Features :

  • Historical vehicle reports for every vehicle
  • Travel & Location reports how long and where did the vehicle travel
  • Geofence reports how often did a vehicle visit particular sites and for how long
  • Traveling speed & distance reports.





This is a datascreen which is fitted into your vehicle. It looks similar to the terminals fitted into taxis, this unit will allow you to communicate with your staff through text messages, saving money on mobile phone bills, improve fleet efficiency, monitor time spent on jobs, etc.

How it works
Simply type a short message from you internet connected computer, similar to sending an email, this message is sent to the vehicle and displayed on a fixed data screen.

The vehicle unit has pre-programmed buttons with specific text eg: arrival at job, departure from job and more.

This unit has a host of benefits, which would be unique to your type of business.


  • Driver Identification
  • Send and receive text messages from vehicles
  • Send amendments to schedules or routes
  • Driver status buttons eg. Picked up, job completed etc
  • Dispatch vehicles to jobs


  • Improve Safety and security
  • Reduction of mobile phone costs
  • Improved fleet accuracy and efficiency
  • Greater service to customers
  • Optimize vehicle usage
  • Monitor time spent on jobs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improving reporting and information provided to customers
  • Increased profits
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced wage and overtime costs
  • Reduced fuel expenditure